uBid-iPod Auction

July 17, 2008 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Reviews, Tech Talk.


I recently came across an iPod Auction through SocialSpark.The auction is being organized by uBid.There are over 1,000 iPods up for auction which means that anyone who bids has a good chance of getting an iPod.All auctions will start at $1.This means that bidders will decide the worth of each iPod.This means that you can get a great deal through uBid.Trust me,nothing’s wrong with the iPods.Its just that one of their partners had a ton of excess inventory iPods and uBid is helping them liquidate the iPods.

uBid-About the Company

uBid.com sounds like something similar to ebay but is different.uBid is a ‘Business 2 Consumer’ site while eBay is a ‘consumer 2 consumer’ website.uBid offers a 100% fraud free guarantee and good customer service as uBid only deals with businesses.uBid is basically your inside connection to excess inventory from the world’s most trusted brands.The uBid team works really hard and goes to wearhouses to get the best deals for its consumers.So hurry up and bid for your favorite iPod.

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