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A few months ago,Google decided to penalize PayPerPost bloggers and advertisers by resetting their page rank to zero.Izea decided that it had enough of Google and created its own ranking system called Izea Ranks or RealRank.Like all other ranking systems,the real rank has its pros and cons.I believe that no ranking system can be perfect so I generally concentrate on the pros.

Izea ranks are based on traffic and just traffic.These ranks serve as a compensation for those bloggers whose PR was reset to zero.You need to add a small bit of code to your blog's template and that's it.Izea will collect traffic information.I feel this system is definitely better than Alexa traffic ranks which rely completely on a Spyware toolbar.

As I've written before,Google can be mean with page ranks.IZEA Ranks is completely based on real traffic and is a fair and transparent ranking system.This post will be incomplete if I don't mention that although Izea Ranks is popular with blogs,its not meant for websites.This is actually a plus point as it provides a traffic ranking exclusively for blogs.

If you are an PayPerPost user who's rank was spanked by Google,Izea has a special website for you.Its called Rank Spank.It's got some badges which you can put on your blog to protest against Google's cruelties.Its a must visit for all victims.

You can also watch the Rank Spank video-

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