VMC Test Series-7

November 21, 2007 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: VMC:Vidyamandir Classes.

The title of this post pretty well explains the reason for the long gap in posts. Vidyamandir Classes conducted Test Series 7 for the IITJEE 2008 batch on 18th November.The test was held at the usual centers-Father Agnel School and SD Public School at the usual time of 9:30 am.It might seem that everything was usual but let me tell you that it was not.There were 2 tests as usual of three hours each.Each test weighed 246 marks(82 marks each for Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics).

Now let me tell you the difference form the past 6 Test Series.TS-7 had fewer questions than usual which were shorter than usual.There were 23 questions of Physics,Chemistry and Maths each in each paper.This made the test shorter than any other TS.This might also mean that students have more opportunities to make mistakes.

The test is available online till the end of 21st November so you can expect your papers to be submitted by 22nd or 23rd and the result will probably be out by 24th or 25th November.

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