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November 30, 2007 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Blogging.

Recently Google has started penalizing Bloggers and Advertisers for using services like PayPerPost by resetting their Page Ranks to 0.Google says that such services disturb their Page Rank system and the page-rank of the advertiser’s website is increased artificially.Different websites are reacting differently to this act by Google.

PayPerPost Izea has come up with a new traffic based ranking system called RealRank.PPP also has provided a one-click option to Advertisers if they wish to allow a “nofollow” tag.But the only service which will benefit from this incident is Google AdSense.

Another such website,Bloggerwave cares for it’s members.I’ve made many posts on Bloggerwave and you can read those later by having a look at my archives.Bloggerwave has added rel=”nofollow” to all its links.I would advise you to update all your posts and add rel=”nofollow” to all links.

I would also advise you to delete old PPP posts or add a nofollow tag to them.

4 comments on “Bloggerwave Cares

  1. @Illusion-First of all I would clarify that this post is not sponsored if you thought so.I haven’t done a sponsored post in the last 15 days.Thanks for the advice but, no thanks!

  2. I realised that it was a joke a bit too late,not coz i have a bad sense of humour but coz i was using my mobile phone to check my mail. 🙂

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