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If you look at your address bar you’ll see that the address is Yes,what you’re thinking is absolutely true.I have bought a new domain and no longer exists although it is redirecting to my new domain.

Two days ago,I just thought of getting my own domain.I was planning to do so for quite some time but finally I did it at the right time.I had a talk with GQ regarding various registrars and their schemes in short.I looked around for some good domains and I had lots and lots of choices.

Initially,I wanted just naman to be in my domain name.That was possible but only with a .biz or a .us domain.Since I am not an American, would make no sense at all.I have no intension of converting my website to a business website which rules out I had 2 names in mind-namanb and namanzone.

I had almost all options with namanzone and namanb.I chose .com and ruled out on the basis that it would not make sense if I change the title of my blog.Also,my sub-domains would not make sense if I chose

Finally I knew the domain I wanted.I was happy with and now I had just one more problem.I needed to select a registrar for my domain.ankur suggested 1and1,Go Daddy and Yahoo Domains.Yahoo Domains had a nice scheme in which they were selling domains at $2 for the first year.Unfortunately the scheme had ended.

Go Daddy
offers free hosting with domains.This is an attractive offer as nobody else offers free hosting.But I chose 1and1 to buy my domain as they offer .com domains at $5.99 for the first year and offer free private registration for all domains.I finally confirmed my order and got this domain.

It took long before it was activated.I later discovered that I could customize my domain before it was ready.My domain was ready 48 hours after registration. I was tensed about the fact the might not redirect to but I managed to redirect it.

Overall,I had a nice experience with 1and1 and would recommend it to people seeking .com or .us domains.

Update-GoDaddy is offering cheap .com domains.Click on the banner below to avail the offer-
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