July 12, 2007 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Linux.

Here I am with another edition of Ubuntu features.Today I’ll bring you absolute beginner talk with basic features found in all versions of Ubuntu.This how my desktop looks like now-

I admit that there isn’t much difference in my desktop from my last edition.Recently I discovered that Geyes can be configured according to your needs.Thus I changed the theme.

I have also added Wanda the fish,the fortune teller to my panel and renamed it to Nemo.You can also configure the animation of the fish.You can also select the command to execute when the fish is clicked.By default,it is set to fortune.This is how the fortune looks like-

This is how Free Software Foundation, Inc. describes Wanda the Fish-

Wanda has no use what-so-ever. It only takes up disk space and compilation time, and if loaded it also takes up precious panel space and memory. Anybody found using it should be promptly sent for a psychiatric evaluation.

So,I decided to try it out knowing that I might get bored soon.But,I thought about changing the animation after some time.Overall, though it is nothing new but it is worth a post.

I’ll tell you about more features once I discover them.So you can wait for Ubuntu Features Part 3.

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