IPL is back and so am I

In case you’re wondering where I’ve been for the past month or so, you’re finally going to get an answer. I’ve obviously been busy with college. I had my 1st Minors in February-end. After that, I’ve been busy with Maffick and Technosearch work. After a very busy month that included 3 trips back home to Delhi separated by a very small time span, I’m finally free enough to update my blog. My current whereabouts? I’m in Delhi till 22nd March. Now that I’m at home, I get to watch Television more often and the hottest thing on TV these days is the 3rd edition of the IPL, which started on 12th March.

The latest edition of the IPL, has everything nice from the previous editions and some improvisations in addition to everything. One of the nice things from the last season that has continued is the Vodafone Zoozoo ads. The strategic time out, which was introduced last year has been modified. Instead of one 7.5 minute time out, there are two 2.5 minute time-outs now- one decided by the batting team and the other by the bowling team. 5 new venues, Cuttack, Nagpur, Vishakhapatnam, Ahmedabad and Dharamsala in addition to the 8 previous venues have been added in this season. The very popular IPL Horn/Trumpet is being used in this season as well. This year, its a slightly different horn that’s played.

IPL is getting bigger every year. YouTube is the exclusive worldwide online video partner and you can watch live streaming of all matches with a 5 minute delay on http://youtube.com/ipl. Recently, Airtel was the streaming sponsor for a match and was offering free, automatic 2Mbps upgrade for Airtel broadband users on the IPL youtube channel to enhance the streaming experience 🙂 . The IPL 2010 matches are being featured in theaters too. You can watch all the matches, except the ones that are being played in your city ad-free in some cinema halls near you. This a really smart move and is something I had been waiting for. Watching a cricket match in a multiplex is a really nice experience. I’ll be watching the Mumbai Indians vs Royal Challenger’s Bangalore clash tonight at a multiplex 🙂 .

Another highlight of the IPL 2010 season was the debut of the Mongoose MMi3 bat designed specially for T20 cricket. The bat was unleashed on 19th March 2010 in the CSK vs DD clash. Mathew Hayden used the bat in the match and scored 93 off 43 balls.

The Mongoose MMi3 Bat

The Mongoose MMi3 Bat
The Mongoose MMi3 Bat

The mongoose MMi3 bat is a specially designed T20 bat. The blade is 33% shorter than a conventional bat and the handle is 43% longer. The bat claims to provide 20% more power and 15% more bat speed and gives the batsman an advantage. Mathew Hayden did play some nice, powerful strokes with his Mongoose MMi3 but it would be intersting to see the response the bat gets. People are gonna be skeptical before using this bat but I feel this really is going to gain popularity among other players.

This edition of the IPL is shaping up quite differently as far as the results are concerned which is expected looking at the nature of the T20 game. Personally, I’m supporting Mumbai Indians ever since the first season and hope they perform better than they did in the last 2 seasons.

2009: Year in Review

Happy New Year to all my blog readers. Before saying goodbye to 2009, I thought it would be nice to go back in time and relive this year through this post. Its always nice to recall the happenings of the previous year before starting a new one.


The month marked the beginning of my 2nd semester in college which happens to be the shortest semester till date. I had to study ED, endure the boring Physics labs but had fun testing the teachers in Computer Programming Labs 🙂 . January didn’t have anything too special and I spent more than half of the month at home enjoying an extended semester break thanks to mass bunks.


The word call got a new definition and had never sounded more scary. Ragging was at its peak as it was in its final stages. College was all about classes,ragging and exams. It was time to say goodbye to Ubuntu as I shifted to OpenSUSE 11.1 on my desktop.


March was the month of freedom as it marked the end of the loooong ragging period. Roaming around in the college campus was no longer dangerous/prohibited and my life was no longer confined to the college campus. As with every other month, a visit back home to Delhi was inevitable. Towards the end of March it was submission time and ED proved to be a big PITA.


Congress and BJP decided to work for a common cause- Promotion of Slumdog Millionaire. The IIT JEE was held as usual and just like last year, it brought heavy traffic to my blog. I had my majors and I completed 25% of my engineering. As soon as I got some free time, I bought my own hosting and shifted my blog to wordpress. I haven’t ever logged into blogger since I moved my blog to my own hosting. More engineering entrance exams, more traffic on my blog. The 2nd edition of the DLF IPL commenced and this time it was held in South Africa because of the Slumdog Millionaire promotion 😛 . An important and noticeable part of the IPL were the Vodafone Zoozoo ads which started with the IPL and became a sensation later on.


Heavy traffic continues and leads to a traffic jam. Shane Warne showed everyone that a sip of Beer doesn’t really affect his bowling. I won Dreamhost hosting for 2 years on Ankur’s blog and gave it away through a contest on my blog. I added an easter egg to my blog which a few people found out quite easily. Its tougher to find it now though. That’s all for May I guess, well maybe I could also include the fact that lots of MS Dhoni Aircel ads were on television in May.


June started with a visit to Udaipur to meet my maternal grandparents. It really is a beautiful place. The college result was out, nothing great, a CGPA of 7.05, just enough to barely get a hostel room. As the semester break was coming to an end and it was about time, I ordered myself a laptop. Ended the month with a short vacation in Goa at the Ramada Caravela Beach Resort.


Got my laptop and got more than what I had ordered 🙂 . The 3rd sem started which happens to be the best semester by far. Had problems settling down, didn’t get a room for a while. I discovered that blogging from hostel wasn’t impossible. Ended July with IT meet at Sanchi, had a good time there with friends.


Michael Schumacher made my month, year, decade by announcing his comeback to F1 to replace Massa for rest of the season. Just when I started believing that I would be spending my weekends in front of the television, his comeback was canceled due to some medical reasons 🙁 . I made my very own photo gallery at gallery.namanb.com . I had my first Minors of the 3rd sem, uploaded question papers, taught classmates, teaching had become as important as studying. I also turned 19 in August, created a lot of mystery around my birthday (bribed friends who remembered it). I also had a nice treat on my friend Anshul’s birthday at Shaan-e-Bhopal. It was first in the series of dinners in which we were at the wrong place at the wrong time ;).


Vision, the technical society of my college held a mega event Noesis. My team ( 😉 ) bagged the second position in Cryptex in Noesis which was followed by treats as expected. September was the month of treats for me. Minor 2 and some more teaching were a part of September.


Nothing too special happened in October. Just the usual “being busy with college”. The 3rd sem was in its final stages, it was time for submissions which are always a big PITA but this time it wasn’t too bad. I prepared the master copy for all the Data Structures sessionals and uploaded them to my blog. Most of my classmates used that to complete their sessionals. There were 5 other subjects for which I had to be on the other end of the sharing is caring policy. Writing practical files was, is and will remain the worst job in the world but people do find out ways to avoid doing all the work themselves.


November was the month when I faced some Major problems. It was time to bid farewell to one of the worst subjects I’ve ever studied. It was a very fast month and before I knew it, the 3rd semester had ended. I stayed back for quite some time after the end of the semester to check how much I had scored in the majors and in the interim tried a lot of new things like going to the railway station after midnight to have Paranthe with my buddy Shilpesh thanks to other buddies who used to lend us their bikes and other who used to lend us their jackets and hoodies :D. November was the month of night outs, street food, playing pool, learning to drive a non-geared two-wheeler, long facebook satus updates, tagging people in my status updates and lots of fun. I came back to Delhi by the end of November to live a completely different life which I call, the sem-break life. Hours before leaving for Delhi, I removed Keedhe from a friend’s computer, pest control being my favorite pass time in Bhopal.


December, sounds like long ago but if you think of it, the month just ended yesterday. I spent most of the time at home in December enjoying my sem break. My blog completed 400 posts and I upgraded the almost non-existent Windows Vista on my laptop to Windows 7. I went to Mumbai for a week to attend Mood Indigo (a blog post on it coming as soon as I get some time). Spent the last night of 2009 partying with family.

Aah, finally done with the year in review. Now its time to come back to the present, live in 2010. Wishing all my blog readers a very happy 2010. May all of you have a great year.