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The All India Engineering Entrance Examination which is popularly known as AIEEE was conducted on Sunday.Students from all over India took the exam.There were 40 questions each on Mathematics,Physics and Chemistry making it a total of 120 questions carrying 3 marks each.Negative marking was -1 for every incorrect answer.I’m pretty sure that students who took the exam would be searching for solutions on the internet.Thus I’ve decided to make your job simpler by giving you a brief analysis of the paper and the question paper with solutions.The paper lived up to its reputation of being easy as it was easier than AIEEE 2006.There were errors in four questions.The cut-offs this year would be about 50-55/120 for Mathematics, 55-60/120 for Physics and 50-55/120 for Chemistry.You might be knowing that you need an AIEEE AIR of 12000 to qualify for a seat.So,to put it in a nutshell a score 165-175 marks will be enough to get an AIR of 10000 which is enough to qualify for a seat in a decent college.Don’t get disheartened if you don’t get an AIR in that range as the cut-offs will tend to fall after JEE results since students selected for IIT appear for AIEEE too.You can download the test papers with solutions from the link below.I would like to clarify that I’m not responsible for any printing errors or wrong answers as these solutions were provided by FIITJEE.


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I had a nice day today as I had to skip school for a class at Vidyamandir Classes (VMC) at
10:30am. The class was held to discuss and complete the topics-Hydrocarbons and Organic Chemistry. We were taught by Bade Bhaiya (Mr. Brijmohan Gupta) who as usual inspired me a lot. The class lasted 6 hours and 30 minutes but we got a 30 minutes break. Thus effectively the class lasted for 6 hours. The class started like any other class. After 3 hours at 1:30am, a lunch break of 30 minutes was given. So I went to McDonalds which was nearby to have a snack. The class resumed at 2:00pm at I didn’t feel any difficulty. I like to call Bade Bhaiya ‘Big B’ as he always makes students feel comfortable and motivates us to study. The class was over by 5:00pm
and I didn’t feel any pain or problems as classrooms at VMC are equipped with speakers for the teacher’s microphone and 4 split Air Conditioners. I was a nice experience and I expect longer classes in the near future. The most amazing feature of the class was that Bade Bhaiya aged 44 taught us for 6 hours and didn’t even sit for a second. Classes at VMC as I’ve mentioned before are fun and it is a great experience to be a part of VMC. I’m uploading a photo of Bade Bhaiya-the great man. All I can say that it was great fun.


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Vidyamandir Classes organized Test Series 4 for its IITJEE2008 batch on Sunday 22nd April. Still I managed to post yesterday. The test as usual was held at 2 centers namely SD Public School and Father Agnels School. I went to SD Public school as usual and expected the usual 2 papers of 150 marks each summing up to 300.

At 9:30am,when paper1 started, I was shocked to see that paper 1 carried a weightage of 225 (75 each for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics). All questions had just one correct answer and carried 3 marks each. Thus, there were 75 questions. Negative marking as usual was –1 per wrong answer (including matrix match type questions).

Paper 2 carried 240 marks (4 marks per question for 60 questions). Overall, the test carried 465 marks (155 for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics each). The paper was easier than TS3 which shows similarity between JEE 2007 and TS4 although it was not as easy as JEE 2007.

Chemical Kinetics, Chemical Equilibrium, Ionic Equilibrium, States of matter and Metallurgy were the key topics in Chemistry. The Physics section was filled with questions from Properties of Matter and thermodynamics. Optics carried very less weightage as there were around 5-6 questions. Mathematics was easier than ever as I attempted 14/20 questions in Paper 2 and 16/25 questions in paper 1. The test is open online till 24th April 10:00pm thus online results are expected in around 4 days.


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It happened on Sunday when I had a class for the topic Parabola. The class started like any other class. By the end of two hours, it seemed as if the class was over and it was actually over in two hours! However, to make it look normal we did some simple questions and results as fillers. Officially, the class lasted 2hours and 20 minutes. Now let me tell that classes at VMC are fun and nobody waits for the class to end so it came much as a shock and not as something nice. This was something that was never expected to happen. Well there was just one thing good about it which was that I got to watch the Bahrain Grand Prix live.