The 400th Post

Creative Commons License photo credit: Leo Reynolds
This is the 400th post on this blog. I take this opportunity to look back 2 and a half years and recall how this blog started as a blogger hosted blog, soon got itself a custom domain and eventually evolved into a self-hosted WordPress blog. In the process, this blog has had visitors from all parts of the world who visit the blog either troubleshooting a problem or simply people who want to stay in touch with me. I would like to thank all my blog readers who have been following this blog for the last 2.5 years. Although my recent blogging frequency doesn’t indicate this but I assure you that this is just the beginning and hundreds of posts will follow and this blog will always be there for you. This blog can sustain itself and all the hosting costs so I can’t even think about ever shutting this blog down. So keep following the blog as you’ve been doing so far. If you haven’t signed up for free email subscriptions as yet, you are encouraged to do so, it will make life much simpler for you.

As far as the post frequency is concerned, I have a one month long semester break which means I have lots of time to blog so I’ll be able to update my blog frequently for the next month or so. 🙂

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