Good Job!

Anniversary Egg
The Easter Egg

Creative Commons License photo credit: Shirley Buxton

Congratulations, you’ve found the easter egg on this blog. You are one of the very few people who know about it. Post a comment to claim how fast you found it out.

PS-You need to explain how you reached here in order to confirm whether you found the easter egg or just reached here by chance.

16 comments on “Good Job!

    • The source!Didn’t think about that.I expected somebody to try the konami code without looking at the source.Anyways, you are first!

      Tried this on facebook?

      • And you kept it right at the top too! Maybe if you’d tried to hide it – not at the bottom but maybe somewhere near the middle then it would have been hard to find. I just saw ‘konami’ once, that was it – I knew where this was going without even bothering to check anything else.

        Tried on Facebook…nothing happened. Is something _supposed_ to happen?

        • You need to press enter after entering this on Facebook. I didn’t put this in the source, its a plugin called wp-konami. Plugins ought to do a better job than this.

          PS-I remember you once mentioned the good no. of duplicate comments on our blogs and wordpress is supposed to block these.You’ve just posted one!

          PPS-Just saw the 2nd one carefully,its not duplicate.

  1. Oops. Delete the duplicate comment then. But this is odd…because first time I was posting a comment I got disconnected. So I copy-pasted the same stuff back in for the second comment. Theoretically they both should be the same.

    The plugin is doing a really bad job by putting the source right at the top. Even putting it in a separate file would have been less suspicious.

    I tried on Facebook once again and with the enter at the. Nothing happened! :s

    • The plugin isn’t supposed to implement the konami code as an easter egg. So maybe we can’t blame it. I’m setting it to only work from the index page now.

      It works on facebook, you need to click around a bit maybe.This video illustrates it.

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