The Ultimate Fantasy Football Guide

Everyone football fan loves to play fantasy football. Initially, people tend to think that its all about luck and involves little or no skill. Some people are capable to staying up to date with the latest happenings through different sources but most of the people don’t have all that time to stay glued to the sports news. Thankfully there is an alternative for such people.
WaiverWire is a site designed to help you win fantasy sports. They offer different packages to stay updated with the latest happenings in the world of football. These include the Stimulus package, the In-Season Pass and the Full-Season pass.

The In-Season Pass is ideal for the casual fantasy football player. It is reasonably priced at $9.99 for the entire 2009 season and provides all the features that can help you win in fantasy football. These features include real time player alters via Email, Text and to the users Waiver Wire profile page, player injury alerts, expert fantasy football analysis for every alert telling them users impact on a fantasy team/league, potential replacements, etc. The site even has forums to discuss your fantasy football strategies. Other great features like Strength of schedule rankings, points allowed, player projection are very useful indeed.

Waiver Wire is a very innovative idea. It will definitely give you the edge over other people in fantasy football. $9.99 is a very small price to pay as compared to the value of the prizes you stand a chance to win. So sign up and play with an edge.


The IPL Horn Ringtone

Update: The new IPL horn ringtone for the 2010 season has been added.

I’ve been getting too many requests for the IPL Horn ringtone, the one the DJ at the ground played in the second season of the IPL. So for everyone who wants the IPL Horn / Honk / Trumpet or whatever you wish to call it, here’s the download link-

Click here to download the IPL Horn ringtone

I’ll see if I get a better version of this tone.

Update– IPL 2010 has a different horn / trumpet tone. So here’s The IPL 2010 Horn Ringtone-

Click here to download the IPL 2010 Horn

Can I have a sip,Mate?

This is probably what Shane Warne asked a fan during yesterday’s match between Rajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Bangalore. He eventually did get a sip of beer. The problem is that it isn’t allowed and is against the spirit of the game. I expected some crappy Hindi news channel to sensationalize the issue. Instead, Times Now had a report on the issue.You can watch the report featuring Shane Warne sipping to beer.

He came to bowl the following over and I expected him to bowl a wide but he’s got good capacity.

Coming Soon

My end semester exams are from 13th to 21st April. I’m going to miss a couple of things in the interim. These are-

IPL Season 2The 2009 season of the Indian Premier starts on 18th April. This year,the IPL will be held in South Africa due to the general elections. I’ll miss out on the first few matches, but I’ll be back in Delhi in time to enjoy a major chunk of the tournament.

Ubuntu 9.04- Jaunty Jackalope is scheduled to release on 23rd April.I’ll probably be back in Delhi by then.The pre-order for Ubuntu 9.04 CDs can start any day now.Keep checking shipit to pre-order.

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