The moment of truth has finally arrived.Everyone knows by now that the ICC World cup 2007 Final is going to be contested between Australia and Sri Lanka on Saturday.I would regard this as a close match but my odds would go 60-40 in favor of Australia.While typing this post I’ve suddenly realized that the last 2 Finals like this one have been Australia vs Sub-Continental team(Pakistan in 1999,India in 2003 and Sri Lanka in 2007).According to these trends Australia should register a comfortable win against Sri Lanka in the finals as they did against against Pakistan and India .On the other hand it would be a favor to the cricketing world if Sri Lanka end Australia’s winning streak and get there 2nd world cup to make the game more interesting and unpredictable.What will happen?Who’ll get the cup?We’ll find out on Saturday.The best part is you can sleep late to watch the match as it’s on Saturday.So cancel all your Schedules and watch the Final live at 5:00pm at SET MAX and have a good time.Come play!!!


Well that’s true yesterday Bangladesh defeated South Africa by 61 runs in their Super 8 match of the ICC World Cup 2007.I always believed that it wasn’t the Indian team that played horrible but it was Bangladesh who played brilliantly.Bangladesh are on a roll.They defeated India in the group stage,New Zealand in their warm-up match and South Africa in the Super 8 which is currently the number one team in the world.