AIEEE Counselling Ends

The 10 day long AIEEE counseling has finally ended.There are still a few seats in a few private colleges under Open category.This is good news for people waiting for allotment under Form 2 or the second phase of counseling.There will obviously be some dropout seats so don’t loose hope if you haven’t been allotted any institute through form 1.

Those who made it through Form 1,don’t forget that you need to report to the allotted institute and get enrolled before 20th July 2008.As expected,Lovely Professional University still has 500+ seats available and half of them are under good branches.With a name like Lovely Professional University,not too many people will be tempted to join.I guess people feel that Amity university is better known and is better that low ranked private universities.


Bollywood music director thief Pritam is as good as an ape.All of his so called music is copied from some Korean or Chinese songs.All he has to do is listen to some Korean/Chinese/Japanese/English song and remove the lyrics from it.Even the lyrics of his songs are copied.Here are some nice videos containing some of his copy acts along with the original songs.He has even copied music from French songs.

1.This one even has songs from the movie Jab We Met for which Pritam was awarded the Producers guild award-

2.Here’s another one-

3.This one even has Dhoom.He won the award for the best music director for this movie too.These songs have striking similarities.

Esnips-Download Free Music

There are many ways to download free music from the internet.P2P(Peer to Peer) applications like Limewire,Ares and using torrents is one such way.These are a bit of a pain for Windows users as they have to worry about viruses and other Malware.One thing I like about these applications is that all sorts of songs are available in different formats.Here’s a tip for Limewire(Windows users,follow it at your own risk)-Search Limewire for Limewire Pro,download the crack and upgrade to Pro for free.

There are a few websites which provide free song downloads but there is a restriction to most of these.Cool Goose Cool Toad is one such website.You won’t find too many songs there but you might get some Hindi songs.The interface of this website is horrible and search is a pain in the neck.You need to sign-up to browse and download song.In short,Cool Toad is useless.

There are some other websites like Fun Maza and Masti4India which provide free Hindi songs for download.Note that these websites provide songs only in real media format(.rm) and you need Real Player to play these songs.

Now,let me come to the main topic of this post.Esnips is a website for sharing all kind of media like songs,videos etc.This website has none of the drawbacks mentioned above.You can find all sorts of music and videos in different formats.You can even get free E-Books there.

Till a few days ago,you needed to signup to download songs.But they have changed their policy.Recently,they have removed the download option and only streaming is available.You can use Firefox add-ons to download the songs but I have an even simpler fix to the problem.

You don’t need to be a member to download songs.All you have to do is to search for the song and when you find it,look at the address bar to find the URL.For example if GQ wants to download RATM’s Renegades of Funk,the URL is-…..Funk

Now all you have to do is to change the folder.Change ‘doc’ in the URL to ‘nsdoc’.Thus to download,the URL becomes-….Funk
or simply-…77

The download will start.This even works with mobile phones and I do this with my Mobile Phone Browser-Opera Mini.

P.S-Esnips has stopped working properly these days.So,this method might not work temporarily.There’s another website called Aimini from which you can download free music.

If you wish to stick to esnips,here’s a suggestion-Some people with better brains have uploaded songs in archives which you can download without even signing up.Promote this idea and you’ll be able to download as many songs as you wish to.


Akon performed live in a concert in New Delhi yesterday.Guess what?I was there to watch him.I even have some pictures to show you.The concert was at 8:00pm at the NSIC exhibition grounds,Okhla.The gates were opened at 5:30pm and I reached there by 5:35.Then I had to wait for 150 long minutes before the start of the concert.Reliance Mobile had a stall over there and was conducting small quizzes and giving away prizes for the sake of publicity.I was quite far from the stage so,the pictures won’t be great.I was also not allowed to take my camera.So I had to compromise picture quality by using my 2MP mobile camera which does not have a flash.This is what the stage looked like when I arrived-

Finally after 2 hours,Akon’s DJ came to the stage and created an atmosphere for Akon’s arrival.These pictures are the ones I took when Akon had just arrived.If you look carefully you’ll be able to locate him.He was wearing a yellow jacket.He later took his jacket off and later took off and threw 3 T-shirts in the crowd.Actually,he wanted to sing Don’t Matter topless like in the video.

I got a real treat when he came all the way behind where the barricade separating the 2 sections was located.He said-“Do these people represent a different section? Ah! I know,the ones in the front paid more.So if the security permits I would like all people at the back to come in the front.I specifically told them that I don’t want 2 classes.I have just 1 audience.”Then he tried to figure out a plan to let the people at the back come to the front.But unfortunately it couldn’t be implemented as the audience didn’t cooperate.Here are pictures of him when he was trying to do so.

Here’s a video-

After this the management had a tough time restricting people behind the barricade and preventing them from jumping over.I would rate the organizers and the security guards 0/10 for their work.

Here’s Akon singing belly-dancer.If you are an eagle,you’ll be able to spot Akon.

The songs which appealed to the crowd the most were-Smack That,Mr Lonely,I wanna Love You and Don’t Matter.Akon sang the part he sang in ‘The Sweet Escape’ and made a sweet escape in 2 hours.
Overall,the concert was great.The only fact which was bad was that I had to wait 2.5 hours to watch a 2 hour long concert.

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