The Konami Code

The Konami code
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The Konami code is a cheat-code which is used in many Konami games like Contra. It involves pressing the following series of keys-up up down down left right left right B A as depicted in the adjacent picture. Konami code is very popular on the web these days. It works on many sites like Facebook, Digg, Google Reader, ESPN, GameSpot and many more popular sites. So go ahead and try it out on different sites and discover new sites that use the konami code. For a long list of sites that use the Konami Code, visit Konami Code Sites. You will need to perform the Konami Code on that website as well. So keep trying, you never know which site might support the Konami Code.

So remember the Konami code is-
The Konami Code

Some sites use variations with the Konami code. On Facebook you need to press enter after entering the Konami code to see the special effects. Here’s a video that shows how the Konami code works on Facebook.

Finally, if you haven’t tried this on Konami games, you need to get hold of a gaming console or use some kind of emulation to try the Konami code with ancient games. The Konami code also works with a few newer games.

Follow Me On Twitter

I started tweeting a while ago when Ankur suggested me to keep my followers updated via Twitter.Twitter also has a great integration with Facebook through which your Facebook status gets updated when you post a status update on Twitter.I find twitter very convenient to keep my followers updated when I’m at College with my cellphone as my only source of internet.Twitter has a nice mobile site.There are also some mobile applications with Twitter clients like Cellity Communicator.Basically,it is very convinient to keep your Twitter status updated.You can now follow me on Twitter.

Disney Bingo DVD game

Disney Bingo is a DVD game launched by ScreenLife Games.It has the usual Bingo game with special high-tech twists in it.The game lets kids learn numbers,colors and matching skills.The game also features some of my favorite Disney characters and movie clips.Here is a list of some of my favorite Disney songs,characters,movies etc-

1)The Seven Dwarfs-The seven dwarfs from Snow white are really cute and adorable characters.

2)Timon and Pumbaa-I find this duo from Lion King really funny.Not to forget Pumbaa’s constant farting.I loved it in Lion King 3:Hakuna Matata(aka Lion King 1½)

3)Mary Poppins-This movie is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

4)Rafiki-Rafiki(Swahili for My Friend) is the baboon from Lion King.I don’t know what but something is really special about him.

5)Finding Nemo-The clown fish duo of Nemo and Marlin were really cute in the movie.

6)The Cat in the Hat

7)Genie(From Aladdin)-Yet another funny character.


9)Hakuna Matata-I loved this song from Lion King when I first heard it.

10)Chip n Dale-These chipmunks are really cute.


12)Uncle Scrooge from Duck Tales

13)Donald Duck

14)Mickey Mouse

15)Lizzie McGuire

By the way,which are your 5 favorite Disney songs,movies,characters etc?The Disney Bingo DVD game features many characters and movie clips from my top 15 list.Interesting game,right?Just log on to or to purchase your copy of the Disney Bingo DVD game.


World Series Of Mahjong

Mahjong is a popular tile game that originated from China.I’ve played Mahjong on my computer and many of you would have done the same. will be having qualifying tournaments for the world series of Mahjong.It is a $1,000,000 event in Asia.You can gain entry to the tournament for as low as $4 and win as much as $500,000.There aren’t too many participants so the chances of winning are very high.

Have a look at this video to get a better idea of the World Series Of Mahjong-

So sign up with Mahjong Time and start playing Mahjong now.

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