Vidyamandir Classes organized Test Series 4 for its IITJEE2008 batch on Sunday 22nd April. Still I managed to post yesterday. The test as usual was held at 2 centers namely SD Public School and Father Agnels School. I went to SD Public school as usual and expected the usual 2 papers of 150 marks each summing up to 300.

At 9:30am,when paper1 started, I was shocked to see that paper 1 carried a weightage of 225 (75 each for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics). All questions had just one correct answer and carried 3 marks each. Thus, there were 75 questions. Negative marking as usual was –1 per wrong answer (including matrix match type questions).

Paper 2 carried 240 marks (4 marks per question for 60 questions). Overall, the test carried 465 marks (155 for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics each). The paper was easier than TS3 which shows similarity between JEE 2007 and TS4 although it was not as easy as JEE 2007.

Chemical Kinetics, Chemical Equilibrium, Ionic Equilibrium, States of matter and Metallurgy were the key topics in Chemistry. The Physics section was filled with questions from Properties of Matter and thermodynamics. Optics carried very less weightage as there were around 5-6 questions. Mathematics was easier than ever as I attempted 14/20 questions in Paper 2 and 16/25 questions in paper 1. The test is open online till 24th April 10:00pm thus online results are expected in around 4 days.


It happened on Sunday when I had a class for the topic Parabola. The class started like any other class. By the end of two hours, it seemed as if the class was over and it was actually over in two hours! However, to make it look normal we did some simple questions and results as fillers. Officially, the class lasted 2hours and 20 minutes. Now let me tell that classes at VMC are fun and nobody waits for the class to end so it came much as a shock and not as something nice. This was something that was never expected to happen. Well there was just one thing good about it which was that I got to watch the Bahrain Grand Prix live.


I am a student of Vidyamandir Classes (VMC) which is one of the best institutes for IIT-JEE preparation. It effectively has just one centre at Punjabi Bagh in New Delhi. Today I want to tell you something about VMC (I’ll be using the abbreviation very often so make it clear that I’m talking about Vidyamandir Classes).VMC is run by three brothers namely Brijmohan Gupta (Bade Bhaiya), Shyammohan Gupta (Physics wale Bhaiya) and Manmohan Gupta (Munna Bhaiya). These three are pioneers in their work and are teaching IIT-JEE aspirants for quite some time. They teach Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics respectively. Another important figure for VMC is Mr. Sandeep Mehta who is very popularly known as Sandeep Bhaiya. At VMC everyone is called Bhaiya (brother) and there is no mention of the word ‘sir’.

Admission to VMC is on the basis of a challenging admission test. More than 10,000 students appear for the test from which about 480 are selected for admission to the classroom courses namely-

  1. Regular Classroom Course (RCC)
  2. Extended Classroom Course (ECC)

240 students are selected for admission to both of these courses. I won’t describe the Correspondence course offered by VMC as it is not a classroom course. Now I’ll briefly describe RCC and ECC.

The top 240 students are selected for RCC and are taught by the three brothers mentioned above. In addition to that, some topics are taught to them by the teachers of ECC. A batch of RCC contains 60 students and classes are held once in a week.

The ranks 240-480 are selected for ECC and are taught by IITans from VMC. An ECC group contains about 30 students and classes are held twice a week.

Classes at VMC are a wonderful experience. A class generally lasts 3 hours but sometimes it may last 4-5 hours. In each class at least 30 minutes are spent in motivating students and in telling them how to study. The classrooms have comfortable chairs, a white board and at least 1 split Air conditioner. 24 hour power backup is available at the study centers. There is one last salient feature which I would like to tell you about. It’s the use of multiple color markers while teaching which makes learning easier. VMC always focuses on the psychological factors related to examinations and I believe that is what the key to success of VMCITES is.