Birla Vidya Niketan,Saket held its annual computer symposium on 25th July.I went there for senior programming.This was my first competition in 6 years.Considering that, I did pretty well with a third position.My school’s web designers got the first prize in web designing.It was quite a hectic day.

The reporting time for the event was 8:30am.But due to some confusion about the bus we had to travel in,we left the school at 8:20.We reached BVN at 9:00am in the school ambulance.There was some confusion about the number of students so we ended up in the school Ambulance.

When we reached at 9:00am,I saw an entry made 2 minutes before our arrival, in the entry log.It said that the judge had arrived.I had a feeling that we weren’t much late.We had to wait till 9:45am for the event to start as one of the judges hadn’t arrived.

The programming competition was from 10am-12pm.There were 5 questions carrying 60,100,200,200 and 300 marks.The last two questions were based on graphics,so I immediately ruled them out.The marking was based on attempts and time elapsed.I did my best or perhaps I could have done a little better.But,at the end of 2 hours I was satisfied with what I had done.

We just had enough time to wait for the prize distribution as we had to catch our school bus.The Code Warriors president and my buddy-Ankur Banerjee a.k.a GQ had convinced me to go for this competition and after it I feel that he did something really nice.

PS-Today,my English teacher agreed to forgive me for not doing my homework due to my absence in the class when I told her about my third position.


As I’ve already mentioned,my midterm exams have just ended.During my English exam I had a really funny experience.The last question of the writing section said that I had to write an article on the behalf of Nirvek Oberoi,Editor,Times Health titled Back to the Future.So I started writing the heading.I had written-


-By Steven Spielberg

When you look at it,it seems alright.I had almost written the whole article before I realized that the article was meant to be written by Nirvek Oberoi.Ha ha ha! I had written the name of the movie.I felt like leaving it as it was because I knew it would annoy my English teacher but I decided not to do so.


First of all,since I am having my Mid Term examinations till the 9th of this month,I’m making a delayed post.I’ve already had 2 exams-Mathematics and Computer Science.I’ll talk about them sometime later.No,I’ve changed my mind.I won’t give great importence to my school exams but I’ll inform you about my results.

First of all,the qualifying-
Felipe Massa did a brilliant job throughout the weekend as it was Ferrari’s weekend at Magny Cours.Massa again managed to qualify at pole position with the McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton beside him on the first row and Kimi Raikkonen,his teammate behind him on the second row.Fernando Alonso,the so called defending world champion(which he souldn’t have been) managed a 10th place on the grid due to some problems with his gearbox and possibly his engine.But the race had alot in store.

This great qualifying result was achieved as a result of the 24X7 hours a week wind tunnel testing done by Ferrari.They were disappointed about their results in North America.They developed new aerodynamics and made changes to thier chasis.It paid off pretty well.The Ferraris were fast even when they were carrying more fuel.

Finally on Raceday,it was time to flag off what is being considered as the last F1 Grand Prix at Magny Cours.The reason for this is being explained as due to lack of tourist facilities and remote location,Magny Cours isn’t earning much.Modern day F1 is all about large high tech circuits.Unfortunately,Magny Cours is going to have to give way to the new circuits.The French Grand Prix is being held at Magny cours since 1991.Ferrari have dominated here.Michael Schumacher has won here 8 times and McLaren have won just once.The Ferrari’s had a brilliant start with Kimi Raikkonen snatching second position from Hamilton.

The race was filled with a few incidents.Fernando Alonso had trouble overtaking a few cars and pit strategy was crucial.Hamilton was light on fuel during qualifying and had to follow a 3 stop strategy against the 2 stop stratgy followed by Ferrari.But the McLaren didn’t seem to be quick enough for Ferrari.Their testing did pay off well.Christian Albers’ Spyker had a bit of an incident as it carried a refueling ring out of the pits due to some confusion in the Spyker pits.I had never seen anything like that happen before.

Massa was leading the race till he made his second pit stop.Kimi Raikkonen,yet to make his pit stop overtook him and managed to come out of the pits ahead of Massa as he(Massa) got caught in traffic.Thus ultimately Kimi Raikkonen finished the race 2 seconds before Massa and lead a Ferrari one-two at France.Fernando Alonso could manage a 7th position and Hamilton finished 3rd.Thus the weekend didn’t belong to Mclaren,it belonged to Ferrari.

In short-It was an amazing race!!!
Have a look at the Albers video

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