Majors Postponed

My Majors have been postponed indefinitely due to some reasons.I’m not going back to Bhopal today and the schedule of my exams will be revised.This means I have more time to study and can relax my study routine a bit.For now,my exams have been postponed indefinitely and I’ve canceled my ticket.I’ll post about my new schedule as soon as I get more information.

Jokerman At MANIT

I saw a poster on a notice board in my hostel.It was related to an event of the college’s literary society,Drishtant.The forst thing I noticed on the poster was that the line at the bottom was in Jokerman.Have a look at it(Zoom it for a better view)-

I’ve seen Jokerman at other places as well.The Code Warriors official font seems to be very popular indeed.

VIT Final Phase Counselling

I received a SMS today about the final phase of VIT counseling.There are still a few seats remaining and candidates with AIR under 11,000 have been called for counselling.This phase of counseling is remote counseling and candidates have to Fax their forms and a copy of a DD of Rs10,000 to VIT.Click on the link at the bottom of this post for full details.

Seat Availiability







I won’t be applying for admission as I feel that NIT Bhopal is a much better option than VIT.I’m not too keen to go to a college in South India either.They’ve been lots of debates on VIT on my blog,you’re welcome to start another one.The comments are an eyeopener for me.

Cisco Certification

You may be a software developer or a computer engineer but to be an Information Technology professional,a certification course is a good option.If you are looking to enhance your IT skills via a certification course,Cisco certification is meant for you.They offer good IT certifications which will update your IT skills.These courses will definitely lead to your career growth and success.These certifications act as a credibility builder in your career,field and industry.

Cisco certification even offers various specialist certifications like-

-Advanced Routing and Switching
-Data Center Switching Network Infrastructure
-Data Center Storage Networking
-Foundation for Channel Partners
-IP Communications Certifications
-VPN and Security Certifications
-Wireless LAN Certifications

Cisco certification offers great career opportunities and hefty packages.According to an annual salary survey conducted in 2007,the average salary of a CCNA professional is around US$74,810.What’s even more exciting is that if the person has a professional-level CCVP voice-based certification beyond the CCNA, there is possibility of a 23 percent salary hike.

Here’s what makes a Cisco certification special.The Cisco certification might look like a small piece of paper but trust me,its much more than that.Any degree can get you a job with a decent pay package but most of these are temporary.A Cisco certification will give you a career in IT and not just a temporary job.Thus,if you want a career in Information Technology,get yourself a Cisco certification.There are many more benefits that a Cisco certification can offer you about which you can read on the website.

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