III Sem Majors

November 2, 2009 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Education, MANIT Bhopal.

My 3rd semester in college is about to come to an end. My majors start tomorrow. The next two weeks (at least the next 3 days) are gonna be hectic. Here’s the time table-

3rd November- Network Analysis
5th November-Electronic Devices and Circuits
7th November-Numerical Analysis
10th November-Digital Electronics
12th November-Discrete Structures
14th November-Data Structures

The first two are the ones I’m worried about. Rest of them are pretty simple and live up to the reputation of IT subjects :). I’m not sure about the practicals time table as yet but most probably the practicals will be over by 18th November. This year, the majors contribute to 60% of the overall grade (used to be 40% earlier) which makes it more important to score. I can cover up for the minors I messed up.

I won’t write things like don’t expect too many posts because I generally end up contradicting myself and update my blog regularly during exams. One thing I’ve learnt is that being busy is just an excuse for not updating your blog when you have nothing to write. Anyways, got to study now, so I’ll cut this post short, wish me luck.

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