End Of 3rd Semester

November 19, 2009 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Education, MANIT Bhopal.

My theory exams ended on 14th November and I had my practical vivas on 16th and 17th November. That officially puts an end to my third semester in college. The 3rd semester was really fun for many reasons. I got to live the life of a senior in college. I studied subjects that actually had something to do with IT. This was my first semester with a laptop with me. Noesis was a great experience and bagging the 2nd prize was cherry on the cake. Uploading Data Structures sessionals on my blog and minor question papers was yet another fun part of the semester. IT was the only branch that shared soft copies of sessionals and question papers online. This semester, I got the opportunity to make the master copy of a couple of DS sessionals which is something I’ve done only for Computer Programming in the 2nd semester. Teaching my friends Digital Electronics and Data Structures was another part of 3rd semester that I enjoyed (makes me feel I can apply for the post of a contract faculty in college 😀 ). Although the semester has ended, I’m going to stay in Bhopal for a few days to check my Majors marks and to beg each teacher to convert my 78s to 81s to get a higher grade. I also have some other work to do so I’ll be going back to Delhi by 25th or probably by the end of the month.

This semester, the 2 subjects that bothered me the most were Network Theory and Electronic Devices and Circuits (EDC). The answer sheets of both of these subjects have been evaluated and I managed to get 48/60 in Network Theory and 50.5/60 in EDC. That gives me a grade point of at least 8 in both these subjects. I managed to get over 2 big hurdles, now I need to do the same with 4 small ones.

There were some issues with the LAN in the 2nd year hostels during the exams and a few days before it. So I had to use my phone to connect to the internet for a few days. This was the reason I couldn’t download Ubuntu 9.10 for a few days. I finally did download Ubuntu Karmic when the the LAN issues were sorted out sometime during the exams. More about Ubuntu and probably OpenSUSE 11.2 in later posts. For now, I just need to convert 78s to 81s 🙂

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