NamanB as a kid

October 14, 2009 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: General, Pix.

I’m sure almost all of my email subscribers would be shocked when they find this post in their Inbox. I haven’t been able to update my blog frequently because I’ve been busy with college. I’m currently in Delhi to celebrate Diwali and will stay at home till 20th October. In this short stay at home, I’ll be getting lots of free time and hopefully will posting on my blog regularly.

This post is just a small update to notify all of my readers that recently, I updated my photo gallery. An old school friend of mine, Varun Sood recently scanned and uploaded class photographs on Facebook. That was followed by a few days of nostalgia and remembering school days. My college friends just couldn’t recognize me in the pictures. Well, I decided to share the pictures on my photo gallery. So head to the school album where you can see how I looked as a kid. Special thanks to Varun Sood for the pictures.

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