The World Through My Lens

August 8, 2009 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: General, Pix, Tech Talk, Web D.

People who know me well or have known me from my childhood, know that I wear contact lenses. Many more people know this fact now that I’ve mentioned about it on my blog. Well my contact lenses are not the only lenses I use. I often take pictures from my camera (Canon Power Shot A430) and my mobile phone (Motorola L9). I haven’t really shared any pictures online yet. I have a Picasa Web Album and a Flickr account but I just didn’t feel like uploading picutres.

This was my story until recently I realized that I have all the time in the world to start sharing photos. So I’ve decided to maintain a photo gallery. I bought hosting a few months ago and have lots of unused space and bandwidth. Thus I decided to host my own photo gallery. I considered Gallery2 and even installed it using GoDaddy’s Hosting Connection one click installer. I found it good but something about it just didn’t feel right. So I gave ZenPhoto a try through my Dreamhost Apps account as GoDaddy doesn’t have a 1 click installer for ZenPhoto. It turned out to be nice. In fact I found it better than Gallery2. It had all the essential features I needed and was easier to use. So I decided to go for ZenPhoto.

Installing ZenPhoto was the next step. Installation was not as simple as I expected it to be. I think needed to make some changes to the .htaccess file and also needed to create a php.ini in the gallery folder to satisfy a few installation requirements. Overall the installation was easy and the setup guide was useful in troubleshooting installation problems.

So that’s pretty much all it took to set up my own hosted photo gallery at I haven’t put up many pictures yet but I’ll be putting quite a few pictures soon. I made a short visit to Udaipur this June and I’ve uploaded the pictures of the visit on my photo gallery.

So now you can see The world through my lens, which happens to be the present name of my photo gallery at

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