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Update: This guide was written for the purpose of AIEEE 2009 so the dates mentioned here are in accordance with 2009. Although this post caters to AIEEE 2009, most of the important points and counseling procedure is same for AIEEE 2010 so this post is still valid in context of AIEEE 2010

Now that the AIEEE result and counseling details are out, its time for the centralized counseling. Every year thousands of students make mistakes in the AIEEE centralized counseling. Such people don’t get into the college they deserve. Here is a complete walk-through of the AIEEE 2009 counseling procedure. This should answer all your questions regarding how to go about counseling and the procedure of seat allotment.

This year the counseling procedure is completely online and its very different from last year’s counseling procedure. Last year there were three rounds of counseling and the first part had 2 forms- Form 1 and Form 2(for dropout seats). This year the system is completely different. It would be a good idea to be through with the counseling procedure mentioned on the central counseling board website.

The first stage is registration which has already started on 8th. This is the simplest step and you should register yourself as soon as possible to get maximum out of the mock counseling. The next thing you need to do is to fill up your choices. This is going to be tough because there are a lot of choices available. It is very important to order the choices according to your preference. I know the interface of the site which happens to be designed by NIC makes it mentally and physically tiring to order all the choices but you have a lot of time to do this. Try to get all your choices in the right order as soon as possible to take full advantage of the indicative seat allotment during the mock counseling period which ends on 24th June.

This year there are four rounds of seat allotment. Till last year, if you were allotted a seat through a particular round of counseling, you were not considered in further rounds of counseling. This had disastrous consequences. People with poor ranks were able to fill up seats in top NITs through the latter rounds of counseling. However, this year the CCB has changed the rule and has made it fare for everyone. This year, once you are allotted a seat you will be given an option of participating in further allotment according to the choices submitted by you. You can either completely participate in further rounds of allotment or can select the option of considering better branches in the college allotted to you.

The last paragraph explains why I’m emphasizing on filling up your choices properly in the order you want. After you check out indicative seat allotment on 24th June, you should finalize your choices and check them thoroughly before locking them. Don’t forget that you need to lock your choices before 28th June 11:55pm. I would suggest you to lock your choices on 26th or 27th as the site might go down or might take a long time to load on 28th due to excess traffic. If you fail to lock your choices before the deadline-28th June 2009 11:55pm you will not be allotted any seat through AIEEE 2009 central counseling.

You should check the rankings of NITs before filling up your choices. You will also have to make a decision whether you want to go for college or for branch. Considering the nature of this year’s counseling, I would suggest you to go for the branch you want unless or until you are getting a very good college with some other branch. Don’t expect too much sliding after the 4 rounds of allotment as because of the new rules, you can’t expect miracles. If you’ve got a 10k rank you’ll get a seat that you deserve and if you’ve got a 20k rank, you’ll get what you deserve. As compared to AIEEE 2008, AIEEE 2009 Counseling and allotment will be more fair. The rank cutoffs for college admissions will be very different.

Please note that I’ve used the word ‘allotment’ everywhere and not ‘counseling’. The choices you lock before 28th June are your final choices and you can’t change them under any circumstances. In other words, there will be no further counseling. The further rounds of allotment will be done against vacant seats on the basis of the choices you initially submitted. I hope you understand how important it is to fill up the right choices. Don’t think on the lines-

X choice is impossible to get with a rank of 12,000

You should fill every choice you are interested in but be careful about the order of the choices. The change in the counseling procedure has given you a great opportunity to get what you deserve, utilize it well.

The following example should explain the procedure in brief-
Example-Pappu has got AIR 2000 in AIEEE 2009.
-24th June- Pappu’s indicative allotment- Mechanical in NIT Trichy.
-28th June- Last date for locking of choices. Let Pappu’s choices be- 1)NIT Trichy-ECE 2)NIT Warangal ECE 3)NITW Civil 4)NITW Mech
-1st Allotment- Civil in NIT Warangal. Papppu has 3 choices.-
*Take Civil in NIT Warangal.
*Participate in further allotment rounds for NIT Warangal.
*Participate in further allotment and hope for ECE in NIT Trichy.

I want every reader of this blog to be completely satisfied with what he/she does in the AIEEE 2009 central counseling. After reading this long post, I don’t want anybody making mistakes they would regret. Many of my friends want to go back in time to change the choices they filled up during the 2008 counseling. I hope you don’t develop similar feelings after the AIEEE 2009 counseling. All the best! May you get the college and branch of your choice!.

PS- This post could be named AIEEE 2009 Counseling For Dummies

PPS-A notice on central counseling board site says-

Seats in NITs will be made available for candidates (based on their AIEEE merit) from States/UTs., which do not have NITs., so as to keep the number of seats for such States/UTs., at the level of 2007, after making due adjustment for the number of seats filled by candidates of these States/UTs during normal counseling.

PPPS- If anybody is not clear about the seat distribution and reservation, here’s a clarification. For every NIT, 50% seats are reserved for Home State students(students with state of eligibility of the state in which the NIT is). Admission to the rest of the 50% seats is done on basis of AIR. However, in the last round of allotment(4th), there will be no reserved home state seats.

Update- CCB now allows you to unlock your locked choices and unregister yourself if you’ve locked your choices and filled up less than 20 choices. However, you can’t do it online and have to go to counseling centers to get that done. Have a look at the notice on the CCB site.

Voicetap is a service that connects you to experts through phone calls in which the experts answer your questions. They have compiled a list of questions in an editable spreadsheet. If you want your questions to be answered by the experts, you should add them to the Google docs spreadsheet. Your questions will be answered by the experts. You just need to add them to the spreadsheet.

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