The IPL Horn Ringtone

Update: The new IPL horn ringtone for the 2010 season has been added.

I’ve been getting too many requests for the IPL Horn ringtone, the one the DJ at the ground played in the second season of the IPL. So for everyone who wants the IPL Horn / Honk / Trumpet or whatever you wish to call it, here’s the download link-

Click here to download the IPL Horn ringtone

I’ll see if I get a better version of this tone.

Update– IPL 2010 has a different horn / trumpet tone. So here’s The IPL 2010 Horn Ringtone-

Click here to download the IPL 2010 Horn

10 Replies to “The IPL Horn Ringtone”

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  2. This is only the horn tune. do you know where i can find the full mp3 together with the beat & mix & all ??

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