Quickpress 1.5.1

May 17, 2009 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Blogging, General, Tech Talk.

Recently my theme Quickpress 1.4.1 got upgraded to version 1.5.1. I decided to upgrade my theme. I tried using the automatic upgrade feature but the install failed due to some reason. I used one-click install to install the new version of the theme. I made all the custom additions and activated the new version of the theme.

The new theme is much better than the last version. It has a green navbar at the top(as you can see if you are reading this on my blog) which adds to the colors. The sidebars also have bits of green added. Also, a background has been added to the posts. There’s a different background color for sticky posts. It is fully wordpress 2.7 compatible. The theme looks more complete now.

One thing I love about the theme is the RSS feed icon on the top left. I had to do a bit of editing with it as its position was fixed and it made navigation very slow on my blog. I edited the CSS stylesheet and changed the position to absolute. Navigation was much better now. But I needed the RSS icon to stay on the top left and move with scrolling. I used the Floating Menu javascript to give it its current form. There are no problems with the theme now. The floating RSS icon not only looks much better than an icon fixed at the top left of the page but also performs better.

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