Now Aircel Thinks It’s Legal

May 29, 2009 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Adverts, Humour, Tech Talk, Videos.

Airtel has expressed from its advertisements that it is OK to pirate stuff. Aircel has expressed similar feelings with this ad-

Who’s next? Vodafone?

10 comments on “Now Aircel Thinks It’s Legal

  1. @ Ankur Banerjee Its 10p/10KB so that’s pretty decent…
    @Naman phones are for music downloads when u have no access to ur comp… else duh! use the comp…

    • Dude, Have you ever tried downloading songs on a mobile phone? It takes ages for the download to complete. Additionally, you’ll drain your phone battery if you use it for doing such data intensive tasks.

  2. I also heard about the Aircel plans I think 10p/10kb is a good deal plus the fact that I can access music and use tools like facebook and Yahoo one at any time I think I am ready for anything.

  3. Aircel is also providing Unlimited Internet for Rs 98 on cell. Right now they are busy giving SIM cards for free to everyone.. I got my hand on one too.. 🙂

    • Yeah, saw those, nice strategy 🙂

      This post was made way before they started giving unlimited internet cards. In any case, Dhoni will lose his hair waiting for the song download to complete.

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