Facebook Phishing Scam

May 27, 2009 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: General, Tech Talk.

A Phishing website, in simple layman language is a site that just looks some popular site to extract people’s login information. Recently, I came across a phishing scam on Facebook. I received a message from a friend that said-

Check out ******.be

I’ve not mentioned the URL because I know many people will check it out if I mention it on my blog. I checked the site on Opera(which I’ve set to delete private data). Opera didn’t load the page and gave me a fraud warning. I decided to view the page anyway. It was a phishing page for the Facebook login page without ‘Facebook’ written anywhere. I know that many people would have tried to login. If you haven’t got it yet, you are just giving away your login information by trying to log in. Probably if you try to login it sends a message to all your friends with the link to the phishing page.

I would advise all Facebook users to be careful. Don’t visit any suspicious site with a .be domain and look at the page information and source(if you know a bit about web designing). Shift to a good browser like Firefox or Opera if you are using Internet Explorer. You can use a Phishing filter or some addon that warns you about phishing sites but you cautiousness is the best way protect yourself from Phishing scams.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions for Phishing protection you are encouraged to leave a comment and share it with all the readers of my blog.

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