OpenSUSE USB ADSL Modem Problem

February 19, 2009 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Linux, Tech Talk.

I recently installed OpenSUSE 11.1 on my PC.When I installed it,I faced just one problem that bothered me a bit.OpenSUSE was not detecting my ADSL modem connected via USB.I searched for a solution to this problem.Ankur also searched for a solution but most of them said-“Hard luck,get Ethernet”.My PC does not have an Ethernet card so connecting the modem through Ethernet was not a possibility.I also did not have time to buy an Ethernet card.I eventually did find a solution to the problem.Read on.

The Solution to the Problem
I kept trying different things to solve this problem.There are 2 types of network managers in openSUSE.You can either use the GNOME Network Manager or you could use the YaST network manager.I tried using the GNOME network manager first.I was unsuccessful in connecting to the Internet using the GNOME network manager.Then I used the YaST Network manager.I first set the DNS in the ‘Hostname/DNS’ tab and then set the default gateway in the ‘Routing’ tab.Then I switched to the overview tab and set all the IP address and Subnet preferences.Also set the device to automatically start on cable connection.Basically,I did not do anything special but I just decided to share my experience to help out other people facing the same problem.

If you too are facing the same problem,try doing what I did and leave a comment to tell me if it works or not.

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