The Last Post Of 2008

December 31, 2008 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: General.

2008 has been a good year for me.I passed out of school and entered college.I also celebrated my 18th birthday.Now it’s time to say goodbye to 2008.I’ll have to get used to writing 2009 in the date.This is the last post on my blog in 2008.I’m not in mood to do a full year review so I’ll contend with a short formal note.Goodbye 2008.

2 comments on “The Last Post Of 2008

  1. hi all
    this might sound a bit odd, but this is the first time I am commenting on this blog. I was googling my name and I found these comments on VITEEE post. Some asshole has done that to defame me, there are a lot of people in gwalior i guess who are jealous of me.
    I say that VIT is not a bad college and all that written above is crap. I want the author of this blog to highlight this comment and publicize it.
    I got 357 marks in JEE and so AIR 158. the data above is incorrect.
    @author : write a separate blog to address this issue, it is ur responsibilty and your blog.

  2. @Ankit Kansal:I’ve added a note at the bottom of the VITEEE post to clarify your point.I have also linked to your comment.That’s all I can do as I have no reason to believe that you are the real Ankit Kansal.You could also be an impostor.

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