I’m Back

August 13, 2008 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: General, MANIT Bhopal.

I have successfully managed to escape form Tihar Jail MANIT Bhopal,Hostel No.2 for 4 days.Getting leave is a big problem.I had to submit an application and get it signed from the Warden.You need to come up with a really convincing reason to be granted leave.Tuesdays are half days for me so I came back to the hostel early and packed my stuff.I took the train last night and reached Delhi this morning.I’ll be leaving for Bhopal on Sunday.

Since my first minors start from 18th August,I’ll have to study at home.I met lots of classmates/hostel-mates on the station and some of them told me that by 5pm in the evening the warden asked the guards to let everyone go.Perhaps he was getting too tired signing everyone’s applications.I won’t be missing any classes because 13th and 14th are MT(Mass Tadi i.e. Mass Bunk) days.

I met 2 other guys from my school at MANIT-Shishir Bhargava who’s doing Mechanical and Chun who’s in MANIT because SPA Bhopal’s campus isn’t ready yet.I have loads of stuff to write about MANIT but I’ll be doing that in later posts.For now,I’m enjoying the luxuries of home.

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