Windows Vista On SocialSpark

July 12, 2008 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Blogging, Tech Talk.

Recently,I was shocked to see a few Windows Vista sponsored posts on Social Spark.I guess Microsoft wants to create some buzz about latest offers from Windows Vista.Perhaps they want some positive reviews about Windows Vista.Thus they are even offering huge bonuses to good posts.

I’m not sure what exactly Microsoft can gain form Social Spark advertising.Perhaps this is an experiment to see if it works.Blog advertising is much cheaper many other forms of advertising but a company as big as Microsoft doesn’t need to worry about advertising budget.I guess blog advertising is very effective in spreading buzz.Another interest could be of driving bloggers towards Windows Vista and convert them into Vista users by exposing them to various offers.They even have $50 posts for bloggers using Windows Vista.If that’s the case,the attempt was useless in my case.

When people read articles/posts written by normal people and not Microsoft or their support staff,they believe what’s written and understand it properly.Perhaps Microsoft want to reduce the anxiety in people’s minds towards Windows Vista.

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