VIT 2nd Phase Counseling

June 15, 2008 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: DPS Vasant Kunj, VMC:Vidyamandir Classes.

After the First Phase of counseling,there are a few vacant seats in VIT which claims to be India’s top private engineering college.But from what I’ve heard from people elder to me,its a crappy place and the only thing good about it is its Prospectus which depicts it as a Paradise.Also the hostel food is cooked in Coconut Oil which is intolerable and you’ll feel miserable if you get a room near the kitchen.

Anyways,if you are still keen to join VIT,I have news for you.VIT has announced the 2nd Phase of it counseling.The number of vacant seats are as follows-













If you wish to get one of these seats at VIT and your rank is under 8000,register for 2nd Phase of counseling via SMS.To get more information about the 2nd Phase of counseling,visit the following link-

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  1. Mr.Naman.Let me tell u something about VIT with due respect to elders from whom u have heard about VIT.I was selected in VITEEE-2008 and got CSE there in the first phase of counselling.Other than that I have got 293 marks in BITSAT and 9000 rank in AIEEE.So undoubtedly I have got three options because I will get into BITS Pilani or an NIT although I may not get a good branch there.But I have already committed to VIT just because when I really went to VIT I could see that whatever they have depicted in there prospectus just does’nt begin to describe the Institute. Let me tell u that when I went there placements where going on for fouth year students and TCS recruited a whopping 1000 from there. I talked to some students and also some company people there and I could see the great reputation that VIT has all over South India and in many parts of North India. Ask your elders that if they have ever visited VIT or if they have have they critically analysed the institute??As for the food it was great.Although we did’nt eat in the mess but there canteen served great food at a reasonable price.Let me tell you that if u have asked about VIT from someone studying there then that guy if he gives wrong impression about the institute he must be damn frustrated due to his own shortcomings.I am not defending the institute because I know that whatever I say will not change what your elders or you think but I just want to give you my impression of that Institute which you have so cleverly defamed.Don’t mind my comments but let me tell you that I was also in a very indecisve phasewhen the results came out.Many people told me to join VIT and some others like you told me not to join it.But when I went there and asked from many ex-students or students currently studying there and some industry people they strongly voted for the VIT.(You must be knowing that India Today despite strong oppostions from many people like you has ranked as the 10th institute and no.1 in private engineering institutions although BITS pilani did not participate).I would strongly recommend people who are being misguided by you not to leave there seats in VIT( if they can afford it which might be another issue.)There are some faculty problems in Electronics but the faculty and placements of CSE,Mechanical and IT is great.Let me tell you one more thing which I am sure you must have a wrong impression about-VITEEE-2008 is the only way of getting into the institute no donations and other stuff like this is possible there.This is because I know some people who tried to get into the institute through donations and were strongly refused my the management.The another strong point in favour of VIT is its location having the software hub-Banglore,Pune,Mubai,Chennai all around so placements are not a big issue there.Core companies have in reality recruited people on per annum on a salary of more than 7lacs per annum last year as told to me by the fourth year students.So I would just like to say that analyse critically any thing before you defame it or appraise it.

    • chutiya mat bana

      saale bhak ja..

      agar tune bits aur nit chhoda hai toh tu ganwar hai

      vit pays companies for placement, janta toh hoga hi…

    • aby chutiya are you idiot don’t play fuck roles here you basted bloody creature getting fucked with girls telling nonsense.from now at any time you play cheap chutiya tricks i will kill you bsted.don’t do your fuckable things on your 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9………..setups.from now if you talk anything kick you chutiya.what what what getting in bits,aieee joining in vit.all these are fuckable stories.dont fool others ooooooooooo fuckable with 1/2.. bye chutiya.

    • LISTEN DONKEY NO FOOL LEAVES bits,pilani I think you are talking about BHILAI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, B….. INSTITUTE OF TECNOLOGY. andhey thik se dekh 9000 must be your STATE SC rank, fellow concentrate on your studies because when you you join a job your boss from IIT /BITS/ NIT will tell a….. dont you know how to work and then they will kick you out

    • Pune,Mumbai arent around vellore gadhey engineering chchod arts college mein geography padh and which city is mubai must be a slum near vit

      in 2010 highest mech salary in vit was 5.5 lakhs per annum,dumbhead do you think you are the only idiot

  2. hey u idiot(Anon), just bcoz u study in VIT, it doesn’t mean it is a good institute. VIT sucks and sucks BIG TIME!!!!! as 4 donations, i know many people who hv got admission in VIT thru donations. so just get lost!!!!!

  3. Mr.anonymous let me tell u iam from delhi and in my coaching many people know that no donations r accepted by VIT.from ur language it is clear that u r a frustrated bastard who is not selected anywhere so fuk off.

  4. I don’t know why prospective students are so disillusioned about VIT. Being an Ex- Student of the same institute, I strongly suggest to take better options than VIT. The prospectus is a load of crap. I dont know who told you, the faculty is great. Except for Mech/Civil/BioTech, the faculty sucks big time. See this link to get the real picture of VIT

    • Skjønner meg stadig ikke sÃ¥ mye pÃ¥ twitter (tror noe av grunnen er at jeg skjønner at dette er noe man mÃ¥ bruke endel tid pÃ¥ dersom man skal “drive” med det..og det har ikke jeg tid til, eller mulighet til Ã¥ sjekke fra telefonen.)IgÃ¥r repliet jeg feks til noe du skrev om UDE. FÃ¥r du da beskjed om dette, eller mÃ¥ man følge med og se om noen svarer pÃ¥ det man skriver? FÃ¥r jeg beskjed om du svarer pÃ¥ dette igjen, f.eks?

  5. left BITS and NIT for VIT….

    how can anybody be such an idiot?

    PS: BITS Pilani is the best private college for Engineering. not vit 😛

  6. I wud just like to say as far as i have heard VIT is a good institute…

    Although not the best bt stands after the BITS and Thapar Institute…

    So its a good option to take .. and MR.anonymous
    its thae student whose talent gives him a placement.. and a institute only guides that student…

    So You better work on yourself rather than cricising the institute..!

  7. Hey guys ! Please just tell me hw much rank do I need to get CSE in VIT this year in 2009.
    Please reply……

  8. hey guys,! Please just tell me hw much rank do I need to get mech in VIT this year in 2009.

  9. hey guys,
    i got air 14,200 in viteee 2009. wil ther be 2nd phase of councelling???
    til wat rank wil they cal for 2nd councelling??

    • they generally call ranks till 8000 or 9000 for 2nd counseling.After that there’s a final phase counseling sometimes through which you can get in.

  10. hey anurag…
    u are a crap shit man !!!
    it is quite clear that u must be the owmner or sum guy paid by the owner of vit !
    vit totally suxx…
    most of the seats are by donations!!!!
    vit suxx big time !!!
    and anurag…get lost man !

    • c im studying here in ECE..its not the worst place on earth,it definitely is not best but better than many other places as far as placements r concerned.Definitely not better than bits,dunno abt thapar..our mechanical is really good on par with india’s best.other branches aren’t good..faculty is very incompetent..bunch of idiots ..and hard work doesn’t fetch results here ,if u get in here be prepared to kiss teacher’s ass..bcoz all u need here is xerox ur knowledge doesn’t matter …its not a good place 4 people who seek to learn(of course you can do it on ur own,dont expect nething 4m faculty they’ll only irritate and trouble u).. u might get a good job 4m here..bcoz our placement cell really works hard…a lot of very good companies have visited and are visiting our campus..but they short list on basis of cgpa..which is dependent on god knows what!..every one takes a test and if u’r short listed it’s all up2 u..

  11. Hi, i got 2973 in vit 2009. will i be getting mechnical. which is better mechnical or mechnical and energy engineering. how about integrated b tech civil with construction management

  12. hey! plz help me i got only 58,388 in VITEEE-2009,i spoilde my AIEEE n not confident of clearing BITSAT-2009.i am worried abt my future what 2 do not gettin proper sleep..shudi go for a long trm n aim for IIT sure shotrrr luk for paid seat in VIT,plz help me whtais the procedure

  13. I have got a rank of 4087 in VITEEE-09
    Can I get Mechanical.
    Can you explain in which phase of counseling will I be called and procedure for counseling there.

  14. sir please tell me that can i get into vit in 13769 rank widout donations?n so then in which branch

  15. sir ihave got 130095rank in vit exam and i want to join in the vituniversity through the payment seat only. is there anyway to get in?

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  16. sir,
    my bitsat 2009 score is 257.i got 84% in pcm in 12th. what r chances of getting dual in any campus? can i be sure for dual? i dont have any other option bcoz my aieee and jee have not gone good. and one more thing, should i opt for b.pharma (in case i not get dual)? plz reply

  17. Sir, My VITEEE 2009 rank is 4807. Will i get admission directly or by paid seat only Please clear my doubt…..

  18. sir…my viteee rank was around 11000…annd my pcm is 92.5% can i get admission in any clg in btech without donation? plz reply soon on my id.

  19. my viteee 2009 rank is 10267.What are my chances in the 2nd phase counselling??what branches can I be offered??Is SRM chennai a good option too??plz help..

  20. I secured less then 60% in PCM because i was building my sites in exam times. I applied for a donation seat. Will i get admission? No money problem since am earning much better with my sites. But anyway my parents want me to study. Please tell me naman. I will pay you for your correct info. My parents are too much tensed about me.

    I can provide you some affiliates too. I will take no commission in between. Pay per install affiliates upto $4/signup from your link. Just please give me correct info.

  21. hey naman. my rank in viteee-2009 is 11,543. i am from pcb.. will i get biotech or other bio branches…. wat say??? plz reply..

  22. and yes their are a lot of admissions through donations abt 20%…AVOID THE COLLEGE IF U CAN GET ANY THING BETTER.

  23. Naman sir can u plz tell me with a rank of 26035 do I hav any chance of getting a seat in VIT????

  24. mine vitee 2010 rank is 19000 so is there any chance for me to attend vit counselling for program ?

  25. hello sir i am sonu kumar singh my vit rank is 90698. i have not attended the counselling due to some problem. so can you suggest me which college would i prefer to. please send me a detail of some list of colleges.

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