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Pay per click advertising is a great way to give your online business a boost by driving traffic to your website.Not all ppc advertising networks are effective and work.Here’s where Performance Clicks differs from rest of the networks.Performance Clicks is a ppc advertising network launched by Network Solutions.Obviously,it is meant for people who are serious about their online business.

According to a study 71% of consumers start their internet visit at a search engine.This means that the search engine sponsored links column is the best place to advertise.With Performance Clicks,you can get your ads on Google and Yahoo search result pages.This increases the number of clicks you get.

Performance Clicks plans are pretty reasonable.There are pre-packaged starter plans available at an affordable rate of just $125 per month.A fully managed custom plan costs a reasonable $400 per month.They provide detailed analysis and reports time to time.Your advertising campaign will be adjusted as necessary to maximize conversions.

Basically if you have a big online business or want to make your online business big,Performence clicks can help you for sure.I feel that their services are worth every penny you pay for them.Its an investment you shouldn’t be afraid to make.

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