Kubuntu 8.04 is DISASTROUS

June 12, 2008 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Linux.

At the end of my last post,I had mentioned about my plans to do a fresh install of Kubuntu.I did so and here’s what I think.

A year ago,when I read this post on Ankur’s blog,I thought Kubuntu can’t be that BAD.When I tried Kubuntu 8.04,it was confirmed-“Kubuntu Sucks”.

I installed Kubuntu 8.04 from the live CD and the setup was smooth as ever and took about 20 minutes as usual.I booted up Kubuntu to hear a very simple default KDE startup tone as opposed to the cool Ubuntu Afrikaans tone.The wallpaper was the default KDE wallpaper.I quickly configured my network as I had dhcp enabled on my modem.I don’t like using Konqueror as a web browser and thus decided to download Firefox.Here’s where the problem started.The package manager refused to start.

Its always a nice idea to apt-get stuff,so I did that for firefox.
IP:To install a package named xxxx,open the Terminal/Console and type-

sudo apt-get install xxxx

Next up were the ‘Restricted Packages’ and the codecs.I restarted my computer hoping that the package manager might open but it failed to open again.

Kubuntu is just KDE in its native state and nothing else.It has no touch of Ubuntu at all.Even a pocket distro like Slax has a customized wallpaper and look.Here’s a tip for Kubuntu users-

Order an Ubuntu CD and get rid of Kubuntu.

I’m sticking to Ubuntu as I don’t use sticky keys and use the buggy parts of it rarely.

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