Canadian Crash Prix

June 8, 2008 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Formula 1, Videos.

The 2008 Canadian Grand Prix was an incident filled race.Just 13 out of 20 drivers managed to finish the race.Robert Kubica and BMW won their first Grand Prix.Here’s what Robert Kubica managed to do last time he was in Canada-

Last time around,he left the circuit on a stretcher,with broken legs.This time,he managed to leave with a trophy and the taste of Champagne in his mouth.Wondering what happened to Hamilton and Raikkonen?Read on..

This race also raised a question on the rule which says that the pit lane exit is to be closed during the first lap behind the Safety Car.This what Hamilton managed to do in the pits while driving within the pit lane speed limit of 100km/h-

One silly rule ruined the race for 2 top drivers.Hamilton has himself to blame but what about Raikkonen?I feel that this rule is silly and should be scrapped off at least for circuits like Montreal and Magny Cours which don’t have wide and long pit lanes.

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