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I received my Ubuntu and Kubuntu 8.04 live CD yesterday via Shipit.I had already upgraded my 7.10(Gutsy) installation to 8.04(Hardy) using the alternate CD.I was waiting for the CD to try out Wubi.Wubi is a great innovation which allows you to install Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu inside windows.Its like installing an application on windows called Ubuntu.Basically its Ubuntu on an NTFS partition and is best for noobs who don’t know anything about ext3 and other UNIX type filesystems.

Installing Ubuntu through Wubi is extremely simple and quite fast.The install has a simple 2 step process.You first need to pop in the CD in windows and select Install Ubuntu inside Windows.You need 6GB free space on a partition.Select the partition and the install size.The installation files and images will be created.Here’s a screenshot of that step-

The step will also install GRUB bootloader to complete the installation.The CD will eject out when this process is completed.It takes about 6 to 7 minutes for the process to complete.You will be asked to reboot your computer,do so.When you reboot,you will be given a menu.Select Ubuntu to start the second step of the installation.This part will take care of all the partitioning and all you have to do is to wait.You might have to wait for about 5 minutes at the ‘Formatting Swap Space’ stage.The second stage will end in about 10-12 minutes.The whole process should take about 20-30 minutes.This is about the time required to install GTA San Andreas on my computer.

Looking for more steps?You’re installing the wrong OS if you want more steps.I later checked out my partition on which I had installed Ubuntu.Ubuntu got installed in a folder called Ubuntu.You won’t find the filesystem inside it but there are some files including the un-install file.

It might seem that uninstalling an entire operating system is complex,I also though so.In order to uninstall ubuntu,go to Add/Remove from Control Panel or simply click on the Uninstall file.The wizard prompts you to save a backup of the installation before starting the removal.The process of uninstallation took just about a minute to complete which is pretty good if you consider the the size of the operating system.

I would recommend Linux noobs to try Wubi for their first experience of Ubuntu because its really very simple.

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  1. @Naman – Hi, I installed Ubuntu through Wubi on my PC some days back as I am a Linux rookie. And found it quite good. Especially, the installation was quite fast. Uninstallation, as u rightly said took very less time. But Ubuntu does not give best performance if u work through Wubi especially if ur hard drive is very loaded. So when I switched to the partition system, by Ankur’s help, Ubuntu rocked 🙂
    Anyways, is there any GTalk VOIP Application for Ubuntu?


  2. @Prateek-Yeah,the performance is slower if you use Wubi.The startup is much slower as Ubuntu is installed on a NTFS partition.You’ve got Ankur to help but the installation is a bit confusing for noobs who have no help.Even the Guided Partitioning doesn’t state clearly what ‘New partition size’ means.

    GTalk VOIP…hmm..I’m not sure but you can try KPhone.

    I’ve added you to my blogroll.

  3. @Naman – Thanks for adding me mate…I will add u soon 🙂
    Anyways, yes u r quite rite abt Wubi…Ubuntu partitioning installation quite complicated but have learnt now….It runs quite fast now! But wubi is good for someone who wants to just try out!
    Will try KPhone – does it allow u to sign into google account and have a voicechat? I will definitely try this one out.
    Whats ur GTalk ID?

  4. @Prateek: The defualt VOIP application in Ubuntu, Ekiga, uses an industry standard called SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). It’s used by a quite a lot of clients. Gmail however uses a its own extension of the Jabber / XMPP protocol for voice chat. For having voice chat with others using Gtalk, you should get Tapioca. It’s homepage is but you’d find it in Ubuntu repositories also.

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