My CPU Overheating Problem-Solved

May 4, 2008 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Tech Talk.

Very recently,my CPU developed a problem of beeping loudly when I played games or did other things which required high memory usage.I immediately asked my pal Ankur about it and he told me that perhaps some dust has deposited on the RAM and I should clean it and retry.Well,it didn’t work.I checked my fan speeds and they were pretty normal.Ankur suggested me that I should check the CPU temperature when the computer beeps shouts to get an idea about the problem.I installed SpeedFan to monitor my CPU temperature.My warning temperature is 70degree C.When I booted windows and checked the temperature,it was 65C.As soon as it got up to 70C,the CPU started beeping like hell again.

Ankur told me that perhaps the thermal paste had dried a bit and was reducing my processor’s heat conductivity.A few days later,I decided to have a look at my processor to confirm the diagnosis.While opening my cabinet,I realized that I had never ever unscrewed the fan on the top of the processor.My computer is 6-7 years old.I knew the problem now.I disconnected and unscrewed the fan to find this piece of dust under it which was blocking the air supply.

I have an Intel Pentium 4 Processor and thus the fan isn’t too big.This dust was completely blocking the air supply.Basically my heat sink had completely failed and I’m amazed that my computer could easily run for hours if I didn’t play games.

I removed this piece of dust and booted up windows.Speed Fan displayed my CPU temperature as 45C.An amazing 20C fall in temperature on removing this piece of dust.I’ve learnt a lesson from this incident.If you didn’t,read the line below.


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  1. Nice, 6-7 years means the primordial models of Pentium 4 I suppose…
    Fortunately for me, I own a fairly newer AMD 64 with the cool and quite technology which would be 3 year old thing august…
    Looks like I would need to do something with the heatsink too. And my heatsink is pretty large for that matter…
    And then, just tell me one thing, I am not able to post anything from BloggerWave coz it says that I don’t have a blog with sufficient PR. I have a PR of 3. I don’t know what the problem is…
    And a link-back would be nice. I have linked you on my blog roll…

  2. @Prashant-I’ve added your blog to my blogroll too.
    There shouldn’t be any problem with bloggerwave as my PR is 0.Bloggerwave uses its own star rating.Check the rating of your blog.Mine has a star rating of 1.
    You could also contact Ulrik Svane Thomsen at his email id- .He does reply to mails.I’ve even posted about my conversations with him.

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