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April 14, 2008 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Blogging, Reviews.

Email subscriptions is the best way to keep your readers updated with your blog posts.Recently I came across this really good and free service provided by Izea called Zookoda.It provides E-mail subscriptions to your faithful readers on a daily,weekly or monthly basis.This means that your readers will always be in touch with you through your blog as your posts will make their way directly to their inbox.It’s a substitute for RSS subscriptions.

If you are not a blogger but a content provider,Zookoda has some services for you too.I would like to clarify that Zookoda has nothing to do with RSS/Atom.It is not meant to replace your blog feeds.This means that you can use FeedBurner and Zookoda at the same time.Do make sure nobody subscribes to both updates as receiving the same update twice can be annoying.

Zookoda has all the features FeedBurner has and perhaps even more features.It even has services to edit or re-order your blog posts.Unlike Feedburner which does not tell you when your updates were delivered and if they were delivered successfully,Zookoda provides detailed real-time reports regarding your newsletter.If you didn’t get it earlier,let me repeat,it’s FREE.

I am thinking about trying Zookoda and if I feel its really good which is highly probable I’ll permanently shift to using it.I feel you should atleast have a look at what all Zookoda can offer you.

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