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April 19, 2008 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: VMC:Vidyamandir Classes.

The VITEEE(Pronounced as “WITTY”) 2008 solutions are out .You can even download the solutions now.The exam was simple except for the fact that there were too many questions on semiconductors and superconductors.It had 120 questions which were to be attempted in 150 minutes.All questions carried 1 mark and there was no negative marking.

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Click Here To Download VITEEE 2008 Solutions- pdf format(259KB)

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View VITEEE 2008 Solutions

Next Exam-AIEEE 2008 on 27th April 2008

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33 comments on “Download VITEEE 2008 Solutions

  1. when will the answer key releAseD………………….??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Just uploaded my latest workout and noticed these changes….had a quick play and then thought i wonder….yep the garmin techno god has done a post about them.The create your own workout bit looks very nice…just couldnt find an option to download the workout from my device, not that its an issue to re-enter thecworkouts on there. Being a software developer myself i can see a lot of work has gone in to it and i think they have done a very good job.

  2. hello sir, my viteee score is 75 out of 120. so what rank can i expectfor myself? plz reply as soon as possible.

  3. The cut-offs are generally high.It is impossible to predict the cut-off but if your marks are greater than 70,you’ve got a chance.That’s all I can say.

    @anon:54 is perhaps not good enough.You need to face it.All the best for AIEEE.

  4. 85 is a good score.You’ll surely get admission.Your rank is likely to change if people don’t turn up for counseling.Obviously people who get into IIT won’t turn up.

  5. hello sir, my viteee score is 75 out of 120. so what rank can i expectfor myself? or tell the range in which i can expect my rank

  6. What’s the answer to Q11 (code P) –

    11. A meter bridge is used to determine the resistance of an unknown wire by measuring the balance point length l. If the wire is replaced by –


    Why haven’t they given the ans. ?

  7. Hello Sir,
    My viteee score is 72 out of 120. Will i make it?
    Can u tell me the range in which i can expect my rank?

  8. HI NAMAN i have taken ayears leave to prepare 4 entrance. my first priority is viteee exam , plz suggest me reference books which can help me

  9. hey naman cud u please at the earliest tell m whethr to study more numericals or theory part…wat is asked more??

  10. Great level of info here. There’s so much information around about this subject that sometimes you cannot see the wood for that trees but you’ve pitched this at just the right level to ensure that the lay individual can understand – thank you!

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