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April 16, 2008 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Blogging.

IZEA has recently launched a new service which is currently in its alpha stage.It is called SocialSpark.It is pretty much like PayPerPost but has some very important points of distinction.It is an integrated website which offers sponsored posts,blog sponsorships and other opportunities called Sparks.Bloggers and Advertisers can create their profiles and the website even works as a social network.The best thing I like about SocialSpark is that all opportunity liks they provide are NOFOLLOW links.This means that Google will not penalize you if you use SocialSpark.

This service is great for mommy bloggers as they can keep in touch with other mommy bloggers through SocialSpark.They can earn while sitting inside their house just by making some sponsored posts.SocialSpark also provides insentives in form of a bonus to the blogger who makes the best and the most convincing post.There’s pretty much mommy bloggers can get form SocialSpark.Nothing is more convenient than writing posts and getting paid through PayPal.

In my opinion SocialSpark has a great marketplace and if it gets going once it comes out of alpha,it can be a great service.My experience of using SocialSpark has been nothing but pleasant.The approval of posts is a quick process and I’m sure payments will be made on time as they were made when I used PPP.

SocialSpark is really special as it is the first blog advertising service which provides nofollow links and actually works.It has many non-Izea campaigns which shows that the bloggers will never fall short of opportunities.

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