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Bollywood music director thief Pritam is as good as an ape.All of his so called music is copied from some Korean or Chinese songs.All he has to do is listen to some Korean/Chinese/Japanese/English song and remove the lyrics from it.Even the lyrics of his songs are copied.Here are some nice videos containing some of his copy acts along with the original songs.He has even copied music from French songs.

1.This one even has songs from the movie Jab We Met for which Pritam was awarded the Producers guild award-

2.Here’s another one-

3.This one even has Dhoom.He won the award for the best music director for this movie too.These songs have striking similarities.

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  20. He can do a 280 kg 617 lb squat as a 77 kg 170 lb People who diligently and consistently lifted for 1-2 years at 170 lb can squat around 250+ Even at this level, these people are way superior to our average population and boast athletic Then we have very gifted and hardworking power lifters who can squat 400+ lb at this body weight after years of unique training to optimize their Keep in mind that it becomes exponentially difficult to achieve higher numbers because there’s only limited amount of muscle you can pack into a 170 lb body, which is quite Compared to that, Lu Xiaojun squatting 600+ lb is basically

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