DPS VK InSecure?

December 18, 2007 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: DPS Vasant Kunj, VMC:Vidyamandir Classes.

My friends often tell me about incidents of somebody getting caught jumping over the school wall.I hear one such case every week or so.I just can’t understand why these kids want to get out of the school premises in the first place.Secondly,why don’t they use the right way to do so.I’ll found the correct way to get out of school safely.

I had my computer science pre-board practicals today.I even had a class at VMC thus I couldn’t go for Access.This also meant that I needed to return home as soon as possible.I asked my Rep to sign a slip permitting me to leave the school premises at 12pm.The slip,which was supposed to be my gate pass is still in my pocket.Let me tell you how.

I walked confidently towards the main gate of the school,with my black bag on my shoulders and to my surprise,the guy with the register was busy talking to someone else.He hardly noticed me even when I was standing right in front of him.

I was looking for a person to check my slip and I literally waited for somebody to check my permission slip.Then I thought that the best way to be noticed is to walk straight out of the gate casually.I looked at a few guards sitting outside the gate and still had the slip in my hand.I was a bit confused and surprised after all this.

Then I hired an auto-rickshaw(Tuk-Tuk in other words) to go home.This is called bad poor security.

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  1. Dude, how on earth did you just walk out?! There have been times when we’ve been accompanied by teachers and were going for events, and we were stopped! Also, sometimes without a teacher; me and Boris too once, and me and Abhimanyu once before RoboKnights to get some stuff.

  2. @GQ:Perhaps I was lucky or the security varies with time like alternating current.

    Perhaps the guards were busy drinking tea!

    Other explanations could include the fact that my looks are really innocent and I was walking as if nothing was wrong.I’m equally surprised!

  3. naman i didnot know u had a blog 😮 neither i knew u were in VK nor i knew u were a Code Warrior and i did not even expect this (from a VmCite..) but u see i am really happy that someone from VmC is my types 🙂 rock on bitch! btw if u dont remember me i was in your batch in VmC…..SAALE U CANNOT FORGET WHO I AM! 😛

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