Decreasing Number Of Posts

You might have noticed the decrease in the frequency of posts on my blog.The reason is pretty obvious.I’m a student of class XII and attend classes at VMC for IIT JEE 2008 preparation.Thus I rarely get time to maintain my blog and write some posts.

VMC has a tradition of completing the syllabus not before the month of January.December is a month of frequent classes.The so called pre-bored boards are scheduled for January.Topics like Inorganic Chemistry,Biomolecules and Modern Physics are tough on the mind as all these require mugging up the awful book published by the NCERT.

The insignificant Bored Board exams will keep me buys in March.13th April is going to be a date to watch out for.No,I’m not talking about the harvesting festival,Baisakhi.It’s the IIT JEE day.I’m better off not keeping the date out of my mind.It can interfere with my preparation.

Basically,the next few months are going to be the months with the least number of posts on Naman Zone.Though you will find a new post in the next 2 days,don’t expect too many posts.

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