Computer Practical File In 30 Seconds

It’s December,i.e. Practicals time.I’m sure there are some people who haven’t started making their practical files.I have a quick solution to your problems.I have decided to upload all the C++ programs and SQL questions to be done in the Class 12 Computer Practical file.It’s a 396KB archive which means that you are at max 30 seconds away from the complete file.The archive contains 41 PDF files in 7 folders.

You can download the Class 12 Computer Science Practical File here.

This file can be downloaded about 2500 times a month.In case the link does not work,leave a comment and I’ll give another download link in the next 24 hours.

You can even visit GQ’s C++ Code Archive which is another good place for C++ programs.

So, what are you waiting for?30 seconds is all that you need to earn some valuable marks.Note that you might need to download a PDF reader to view the files if you are a windows user.Here are some good PDF readers-

36 Replies to “Computer Practical File In 30 Seconds”

  1. Dude, alternative PDF readers like Foxit PDF Reader and Sumatra PDF are so much better than that 22 MB memory hog of an Adobe Reader 8.

  2. @GQ:Yeah,I considered linking to Foxit but linked to Adobe Reader as Adobe created the PDF format.

    I’ve added the other 2 now.

  3. Hi

    I really really appreciate your work man

    you have just reduced my tension a lot

    bro but there is a problem i am unable to download the file its stuck at 35.5 kb and the problem is not with my internet connection as i am using BSNL DATAONE Broadband and i am able to download other file so if you can please please upload and send this file to my email id it will be a great help for me

    Thanks in advance looking for your reply

      1. can u please post the questions of the programs you have given, I really appreciate your work, but my teacher wants the questions along with it

  4. Thnx dude..!!! mera pracs hogaya!!! 🙂
    thnx thnx
    hmmm 1 suggestion dude ..
    u may put d heading in each progrm abt wot prgm it is..
    nyway.. thnx yaar..

  5. you are jewel naman……………i myself m a programmer…..nd i guess a good one too……..but i hate silly programs of practical file… thx for helpin…..

  6. Dude…….. You are a real life saver…. You just saved me from wasting my 2 days on these silly practicals…. I mean doing projects is fun.. Practicals suck…. And you rock BRO.. 😀

  7. sir, In your SQL querry they contain onlyquery without showing output .
    Can you please upload pdf 1. multple table query with output.
    2. Single table query with output.
    But i want each question maintain 20 query atleast.
    Only 2 ques in 2 days

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