VMC: A Special Teacher

October 17, 2007 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: IIT JEE, VMC:Vidyamandir Classes.

Probability is probably the toughest topic in IIT JEE preparation. Luckily I have a great teacher to teach me the topic. Manmohan Gupta a.k.a Munna Bhaiya is teaching the topic to all Regular and ECC groups. He will be taking two classes on Probability.

I’ve already had one class and it was fantastic. Munna Bhaiya is a great teacher and an inspiring personality. He is the best maths teacher in VMC or perhaps the best one in New Delhi. He has the capability of making a difficult topic look easy. I’m looking forward to his next class which I’m sure will be great.

It’s really amazing to see how hard Sandeep Bhaiya (Mr. Sandeep Mehta) works to make a perfect schedule. The IIT JEE 2009 batch is having it’s Trigonometry classes. Vivek Bhaiya who is a great teacher as far as Trigonometry is teaching them. Thus Munna Bhaiya can find some time to teach the ECC groups.

With the Chemistry and Physics module 7 over and just a couple of topics remaining in Maths module 7,you should expect Test Series 7 in a few weeks.

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