Movie Review-Dhamaal

October 24, 2007 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Movies, Reviews.

I watched Dhamaal quite a while ago but felt lazy or perhaps exams intervened and I couldn’t write a review of the movie.So,here’s a delayed review of the movie Dhamaal.

My Rating-4.05/5

Good comedies are rare these days.But Dhamaal is one of the rare good comedies.The film is well made and the cast has done a great job.The quality of humor is very good and the film is a perfect entertainer.

Javed Jaffery needs a special mention for his acting skills.He has done a marvelous job in the movie.I’ll give him 10/10 for his performance.His is damn funny in the movie.

The only weak point in the movie is its beginning which has too frequent songs.The rest of the movie is a class apart.I found myself laughing out loud and couldn’t control my laughter in a couple of scenes.

The movie has been made for all kinds of people.This great entertainer is a must watch.You should buy a DVD if its not playing at a cinema near you.

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