And The Champ Is………Kimi

October 22, 2007 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: Formula 1.

I know it sounds bizarre and a bit difficult to believe but Kimi Raikkonen is the 2007 Formula 1 world champion.He won the Brazilian Grand Prix and got some support from Hamilton and Massa to be the world champion.

The race is extremely interesting and here’s how the drivers ended the season in terms of championship points-

1.Kimi Raikkonen-110 points
2.Lewis Hamilton-109 points
3.Fernando Alonso-109 points

It was really close.The situation looked like it was scripted in Raikkonen’s favor.Felipe Massa did a great job to hold on to 2nd position.I had mentioned in an earlier post that Hamilton had a terrible start but he did well to finish 6th.The rookie has had a great season and has a great future ahead.

Obviously Ferrari are the constructors champions with 204 points and will the the benefits for the next season.This means that they will be getting their cars numbered as 1 and 2.They also will have the privilege of having their pit garage closest to the entry or the exit of the pitlane.

For now,Kimi Raikkonen is the world champion but there are some matters with the BMW cars which need to be looked into.In case the drivers are disqualified,Lewis Hamilton will be the world champion and it will be really sad for Kimi.

Here are the last lap of the race-

PS-Kimi Raikkonen is now officially the world champion.FIA has rejected McLaren plea against the decision to spare the cars blamed for fuel inconsistency.

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