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Here’s a cricket situation-
India vs Pakistan
Pakistan require 1 run to win from 2 balls.

In ODI cricket,it is impossible for India to win from here.But Twenty20 is a completely different game.This is exactly what India did yesterday.India scored 141/9 off 20 overs.Pakistan required 11 off the last over.Then they required 1 run off 2 balls.Thanks to a dot ball followed by a run out by Sreesanth,India managed to draw level with Pakistan.Pakistan’s score-141/7.The story doesn’t end here when it comes to Twenty20 as I’ve mentioned in an earlier post.

The match is decided by a bowl out which is cricket’s version of the penalty shootout.For more details read the post mentioned above.Till date there have been 2 such bowl outs.New Zealand defeated West Indies 3-0 in the first one.The same was the story with yesterday’s match.India defeated Pakistan 3-0.

Everyone was excited about the first Bowl Out in the world cup.The umpires and the supporters were equally excited.Pakistan won the toss and asked India to Bowl first.The atmosphere was calm as both teams had already qualified for the Super 8 stage.But a bowl out was required for a result.Everyone was curious after seeing a bowl in Sehwag’s and Uthappa’s hand.

India nominated-Sehwag,Harbhajan,Uthappa,Irfan Pathan and Sreesanth.
Virender Sehwag,Hrabhajan Singh and Robin Uthappa had no trouble hitting the stumps.On the other hand,Pakistan had decided to go with conventional bowlers.Yasir Arafat,Umar Gul and Shahid Afridi bowled miles away from the stumps to give India an easy victory.

This means that India are Group toppers from group D and will be in group E in the Super 8 stage.India was close to losing the match,but they literally stole victory form Pakistan.

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