August 2, 2007 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: DPS Vasant Kunj, General.

Today, when I woke up it seemed to be a normal day for me except for the fact that it was raining as it had been all night long. I went to my bus stop at the usual time-6:40am. After waiting for 50 minutes, by school bus finally arrived at 7:30am.This was just the start of a tough day for me. My bus reached Dhaula Kuan at 8:00am.Here’s where all the drama started.

My bus had moved 500m in 1 hour at Dhaula Kuan. Time was passing by a bit faster for me, as it was entertaining to watch cars cross dividers. The traffic jam was a result of water logging at the underpass. Things were hopeless and started thinking in terms of reaching home and school was out of the reckoning.

At 9:00am another school bus had come from school to rescue us. The children of two bus routes were loaded into one bus. The other side of the road was clear and the teacher and the driver discussed their next destination. Finally, the bus left at 9:30am and the destination surprisingly was school.

It took the bus another 90 minutes to crawl to school. And there I was, reaching school during the recess. It took me a few minutes to explain this experience to everyone in the class. I was told that I had broken the previous record of 9:30am.

I hadn’t missed much as my chemistry teacher was a bit late. I enjoyed my half-day at school. I also made an observation that many students get tired by recess time. I felt very energetic. This was perhaps the only positive that came out of it.

The inter-class football matches scheduled for today were called off due to rain. Now I had better things to worry about. I had to reach home. I wasn’t carrying my mobile phone with me and knew that my parents would be worried about me if I wouldn’t reach on time. But I killed this thought after realising that my dad would have informed my family about the state if traffic on the roads.

I reached home one hour late at 3:30pm.The return journey had taken me 2 hours. At the end of the day I realized that I had spent more time in the bus than in school. This is all about my experience. Don’t you think it could have been worse? After all it was the first proper rain of the season. It rains for a few hours and this is what we have to deal with.

Who is to blame for it? You can’t blame rainfall as it is supposed to be natural. Now let’s move to our next target which is the target of the so-called news channels-MCD. What I feel is that blaming people for faults is not the end nor it is the solution of the problem. Forget about accountability we can’t do anything about it. The only solution is the improvement of drainage system which should be done by the MCD.

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