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In my post called VMC-EXTENDED CLASSROOM COURSE I had mentioned about writing a sequel.Here it is-

Today I’ll describe two VMC teachers who have taught me for a short period of time but have changed my life and attitude remarkably

Rohit Goyal or Rohit Bhaiya as we call him at VMC is a brilliant maths teacher.He is a Computer Science student,studying in his 3rd year at IIT Delhi.He teaches Calculus at VMC and I attended his last class on Sunday.He is a person who is worth mentioning.He is good,both at teaching and at motivating us.He once told us in class that he is not one of the greatest students of IIT, but let me tell you he is one of the greatest maths teachers at VMC.He has a great sense of humor and makes classes interesting by describing his experiences at IIT.This serves as a source of extra motivation to study.I really hope my juniors are taught by him.

Ashish Bhaiya is a student of IIT Guwahati who came to New Delhi to teach us Solutions,an important topic of physical chemistry.He was brilliant at teaching it.I attended his class 2 months ago and still remember each and every word he said.At VMC,the teacher who is the best at teaching a particular topic teaches it to every single batch of ECC and sometimes even Regular batches.

I’m busy studying nowadays,so I’ll keep this post short and write about a few teachers,the next time I write a post on VMC-ECC.


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