August 9, 2007 | By Naman Bagga | Filed in: C++, DPS Vasant Kunj, General.

In my post titled 3rd AT TECH EDGE I had forgotten to mention a point which GQ had added in his comment.I am now officially a Code Warrior.I wasn’t expecting this at all.The reason being that I didn’t go to BVN with a goal to win or to become a Code Warrior.Ankur had asked me before summer holidays if I was ready to go for a few competitions.I didn’t say anything and he took it as a yes.

Later,Ankur told me that he would send me to a few competitions to gain experience and to get me used to the type of programs I’d have to make in those competitions.I hadn’t done really well at the C.W.Intra.The day I had to go to BVN,I heard Bani Das,the teacher who is in charge of the Code Warriors asking Ankur why he wasn’t sending the two children selected by the Intra.I had a brief thought that this could be my last chance but I knew that with Ankur as the President,my first chance could never be my last chance.

I feels great to be a code warrior.But that also means that I have an additional responsibility.I wanted to make this post short as I’m spending time on C++ graphics which is a must for all competitions.

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